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When rodents are invading your home or business, you want a rodent control service that can take care of the situation with respect for property and the environment. Our specialty is taking care of your rodent problem at its source without fear-mongering or unnecessary upselling.

Experienced, Locally Owned Rodent Control

Even the best rodent control products may not work if you don’t understand the habits of the rodents that invade your home or business. That’s why we like to start with a rodent inspection and learn what attracted the mice and rats.

Through our experience, we have the keys to sucessful rodent removal and trapping. Eliminating their entry points and sealing food in airtight containers is a great first step. The CDC coined the phrase “Seal Up. Trap Up. Clean Up.”
And don’t forget the pet the food!

Fast Rodent Removal & Support

We appreciate your sense of urgency and will respond quickly. Our competitive prices and thorough dedication to doing a job right continues to earn us 5-Star reviews. 

Choose a locally owned and operated business dedicated to your satisfaction.

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Rodent Extermination in SE Portland

With all the diseases transmitted by rodents, infestation is no laughing matter. Rodents can also do thousands of dollars in damage to your home, business, or even an automobile.

Rodents reproduce quickly, meaning time is of the essence. As nocturnal creatures, many clients don’t see the rodents and realize they have a problem until they are well-established and expanding into multiple areas.

How To Tell If You Have Rodents

  • Poop: Rodent droppings can be less than a quarter of an inch to half an inch or larger. Fresh droppings are shiny and putty-like. Different sizes of poop indicate different generations of rodents.
  • Marks: Rodents often leave greasy marks as they travel, hugging your walls or furniture. Sometimes they will also chew through food boxes and even walls. Holes from the size of just a dime are large enough for rodents to access.
  • Noises at Night: Rodents rest during the day and are active at night. They may make noise while they move through your walls, causing scratching and chewing noises.
  • Your Pet: If their behavior has changed for no apparent reason, you may want to look closer. Pets on high alert can be another sign you have an infestation.

Cleaning Up After Rodents

We encourage all of our clients to err on the side of caution and use a mask and gloves when cleaning up after vermin. The CDC does a great job of providing step by step tips to properly clean up after rodents.

Rodent Control by Oregon Insect and Rodent Control

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Rodent Control by Oregon Insect and Rodent Control

Identifying Your Rodent Problem

Do You Have Rats or Mice?

Examining the droppings left behind by your uninvited guests may not sound appealing, but doing so can tell you a lot about what you’re dealing with.

Mouse Poop

Mice are smaller than rats and excrete poop that is small like rice. It is smooth and pointed on both ends. Most often the mouse poop measures between 1/8 and 1/4 of an inch. Various sizes often is a sign of a larger population with multiple generations.

Rat Poop

Due to their increased size, rats produce larger droppings that are usually brown instead of black and not as smooth. Rats also produce a larger quantity of droppings in a day. Both vermin poop near the food source that drew them to the area.

Rat Trapping

Rat Removal & Extermination Services

Rats can be a very common concern in the Northwest.  Proximity to rural areas coupled with a relaxed demeanor can combine to invite an infestation.  Don’t be embarrassed.  It happens more than you probably think. 

Mice Exterminator

Mice Control Products & Removal

Mice can be difficult to eradicate from your home once they are established.  Even the best traps and products can fail without expert knowledge.  Let us help you find their entry points and make a plan to remove them and keep them gone for good. 

Mole and Vole Removal

Pest Control Services

Even though they are outside, they can still be persistent and irritating.  Moles are very common to our area and active year round.  Ask about our family and pest friendly strategies to remove your unwanted guests.

What Sets Us Apart

In the SE Portland Rodent Control Industry


With OIRC, you can expect a job done right with well laid traps, bait, and sprays. Our mission is to rid our clients of these pesky critters, not draw them into extended services and contracts by cutting corners. We only use brand-name products, and we use them according to their specifications for maximum effectiveness.


Have you ever felt like you were being lured into unnecessary, extended contracts with other big name rodent control companies? Experiencing that firsthand is why Oregon Insect and Rodent Control exists today.

We operate with transparency to help assure you of our trustworthiness, and we only offer products and services that we are confident with help in your situation. 


It’s important to the experts at OIRC that we do more than lay bait and leave. We will help you to prevent rodent problems from reoccurring or even help you to handle your rodent problem on your own, even if it means we won’t be able to charge as much.

Integrated pest management (IPM) relies on Education. We can help you achieve better results in a more environmentally friendly way.

Care for the Environment

We live and work in Oregon and have no national corporate protocol to inhibit our doing what’s right for the place in which we live. We know we’ll be passing this environment down to our kids and we want to set them up for success. 

Our policy is to deal with your rodent control problem using minimal chemicals, applied strategically for the best results.


Building relationships with our clients as we help solve their rodent control problems is our favorite thing about this business Our goal is to establish long-term relationships of trust, not get clients to open their wallets out of desperation.. 

We are happy to provide quarterly or bi-annual services for those who experience regular invasions or want to prevent an incursion before it happens. 


With nearly two decades of experience operating as an independent SE Portland rodent control company, we’ve seen it all and know the products and methods to apply to effectively and quickly manage your rodent problems.

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