Rat Trapping and Control Services
Rat Trapping and Control Services from Oregon Insect and Control Services

Rodent Removal

Rats are dirty and you want them gone. Oregon Insect and Rodent Control appreciates your sense of urgency and respond 24/7. Instead of going it alone, there are plenty of reasons to call an expert. Pest Control Specialists:

  • Removes Health Concerns Quickly
  • Peace of mind, without any more pest damage to your home
  • No more wasting your valuable time
  • No more wasting money on unproven strategies and products

Rat Trapping and Extermination

Whenever possible we use products and strategies that are safe for your family and your pets. We do have humane traps available. However we DO NOT provide live trapping services. They are an invasive species and cause an enormous degree of environmental degradation. 

Rat Control Services by Oregon Insect and Control Services

The Cost of Rat Extermination

As a locally owned and operated company, we pride ourselves on providing incredible value. Don’t take our work for it. Take a look at our online Google Reviews and see for yourself.

Typically we start by inspecting your home or business. This helps to determine entry points, and what is attracting rodents in the first place.

Then we provide you with a full report and a few strategies and options to get rid of pests fast and keep them gone for good. If you decide to go it alone and carry out the plan on your own, great! The inspection is just $65.

If you just don’t have the stomach to get down and dirty setting traps and checking them, that works too. We provide our pricing ahead of time and agree on a schedule that works for you. You are in control every step of the way.
Rat Removal by Oregon Insect and Rodent Control

Rat Removal

Rats in the Attic

Rats often find their way into your attic through damaged eaves and vent openings. Once they have gained access they can be difficult to remove. Rats are noctural and sleep during the day. Searching for food at night and then return quickly to the attic. Professional grade traps are often the fastest way to kill them instantly.

Rats in the Garage

Often times rodents take advantage of the clutter in your garage for concealment. Remember to keep any dog food, bird seed, and fertilizers tightly sealed. If you can slide your finger under or around your garage door, it is accessible to rodents.

Rat Pest Control

If there is no source of food rats will move on. However if you still smell a stale earthy smell, they may still be close. Rats are known for digging extensive tunnels and burrowing around your home or business.

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