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Cockroaches are a menace in any kitchen. Oregon Insect and Rodent Control are experts that removal cockroaches fast with strategies that are safe for your family, your pets, and the environment.

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Cockroach Removal Services in Gresham Oregon

Gresham Cockroach Control Service

Cockroaches are one of the hardiest species on planet earth – scientists believe they have been around since the time T. Rex walked the earth. Not only have they survived, they have thrived in a wide variety of conditions, particularly those habitats that are warm and wet. No wonder they’re so difficult to get rid of. With over 4600 known species, cockroaches are related to termites biologically, but their behavior is different.

Like termites, cockroaches like to live together, but their colonies are not as organized. Roaches also do not rely on being close to wood. If they have a nice, warm, moist, and dark place to be within an antenna’s length of food and some other roaches nearby, they can be happy.
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ColorA shade of brown to black
LengthAdults can range from 1.5 to 2 inches
AppearanceLong antennae, single oval shaped body
Colony Size25 and more, though we hope not to find them in colonies
BreedingFemale American cockroaches can produce up to 150 young over the course of her life
Where they liveRoaches prefer to have a dark, moist environment to hide and breed. Cupboards, behind refrigerators, and under sinks and drains are favorites.
Food SourceDecaying plants, dead wood, waste and sewage
Behavior NotesThey are social insects related to termites, though cockroach relationships are not as structured as in a termite colony.
Signs of presenceA bad smell lingers where roaches are present. Brown/black cylindrical droppings approximately 1/8 inches long will be found near their nesting grounds. Homeowners may also find shed cockroach skins in the vicinity.
RisksBacterial diseases such as salmonella can be spread by cockroaches, especially if they get into food stores. All the more reason to eradicate them quickly.
Cockroach extermination in the long run involves adjusting the environment, not giving them the dark and especially not the moisture that they are looking for, and maintaining sanitary conditions that eliminate their food sources. In the meantime, traps, bait, and spray installed by a professional cockroach exterminator can reduce their populations and erect barriers for their reentry.

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