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    When left untreated, pests can cause significant damage to your home or commercial building, not to mention health risks to you, your family, and your customers. 

    The worst damage is the kind you can’t see. Carpenter ants, mice, rats, and other insects and rodents can ruin spaces:

    • Behind walls
    • Under flooring
    • Crawlspaces
    • Attics, and 
    • Additional out-of-sight areas

    Our company can handle all of your pest control needs!

    Get the peace of mind that comes from having a pest-free home. Call today for an evaluation and we’ll provide you with a solution to your pest control problems!

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    Residential & Commercial Pest Control Solutions


    Residential Pest and Rodent Control

    Say goodbye to pests in your:

    • Primary residence
    • Rental home
    • Vacation home
    • Yard
    • Outdoor living spaces
    • Attics/crawl spaces
    • Interior/exterior


    Commercial Pest Control Services

    Get rid of pests in your:

    • Office buildings
    • Warehouses
    • Storage facilities
    • Duplex/triplex apartments
    • Stores
    • Restaurants/cafes
    • ..and More!

    Our Gresham Pest Control Process

    When you’ve got a pest control issue, you want it taken care of fast by those with the experience to get it done right!

    Oregon Insect and Rodent Control makes it easy!

    STEP 1

    Give us a call today to schedule a full evaluation.

    We’re looking forward to helping rid you of pests in the East Multnomah County and Clackamas County areas!

    STEP 2

    We’ll provide a free quote to get you on the path to being pest free! 

    Whether you choose full extermination services by us or products and information to get the job done right yourself.

    STEP 3

    Put the plan into action and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a pest-free home or business!

    Areas our Gresham Exterminators Serve

    Oregon Insect and Rodent Control is a local, veteran-owned business serving the East Multnomah County and Clackamas County area, including:

    • East Portland
    • Boring
    • Clackamas
    • Corbett
    • Cottrell
    • Damascus
    • Estacada
    • Gladstone
    • Government Camp
    • Gresham
    • Happy Valley
    • Kelso
    • Logan
    • Milwaukie
    • Oregon City
    • Orient
    • Mount Hood Village
    • Redland
    • Sandy
    • Springdale
    • Troutdale
    • Wood Village

    Residential Pest Control Services

    We are a full service exterminator and are experienced in all of the Gresham Oregon areas pests including:

    • Rats and Mice
    • Moles and Voles
    • Ants
    • Bees, Hornets, and Wasps
    • Cockroach
    • Termite
    • Spiders & Beetles

    We strive to provide the best value.  Pest control is affordable with Oregon Insect and Rodent Control.  Also known as Sandy Pest Control.

    Local Rodent Control Service


    We are born and raised in the Gresham and Sandy areas. In 2004, we began our journey as small business owners.  As a veteran I am not faint of heart and am ready to combat your worst pest infestation.

    Starting our own local Gresham area Pest Control Service was born out of a desire to be more affordable than the large national companies. 

    8 Things a Gresham Area Pest Control Company Should Do…but They Don’t

    Be Honest With Your Clients

    Needless upselling is a common practice by the giants of the pest control industry. Our founder Glenn experienced it firsthand, and it’s the major reason why he left to start his own company. 

    We only sell products and services that we are confident will be helpful. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it – we operate with as much transparency as possible so you can be assured that we are trustworthy.

    Educate When You Can

    Our process of pest control is more than laying bait and leaving. 

    If we see a way that you can prevent pest problems from reoccurring or even handle your pest control problem on your own, we will let you know!

    …even when it means we won’t be able to charge as much.

    Care for the Environment

    At Oregon Insect and Rodent Control, we realize that this is the environment we will pass down to our kids. We live and work in Oregon and have no national corporate protocol to keep us from doing right by the East Portland area. 

    Our policy is to deal with your pest control problem using minimal chemicals, applied strategically for the greatest results.

    The indoor environment matters, too. Where some companies will force you to watch out for your own welfare as they spray, we let you know the risks and take steps to minimize your family’s exposure to substances that might not be good for them.

    Build Relationships

    Our favorite thing about this industry is the relationships we form with customers as we help solve their pest problems.

    We want to be top of mind as the Portland Pest Control Experts if our customers need us again!

    For those experiencing regular invasions or wanting to prevent an incursion before it happens, we are happy to provide quarterly or bi-annual services. 

    *Note that we don’t do monthly service plans like a lot of the other guys – we find that charging for those extra visits isn’t necessary when we use pest control products according to their recommendations.

    Have Local Area Experience

    With decades of experience, and 18 years worth operating as an independent Portland Pest Control Company, we’ve seen it all!

    We know the products and methods to apply to effectively and quickly manage most any pest problem you might be experiencing in the East Portland area.

    Offer a Free Quote

    At Oregon Insect and Rodent Control, we understand the worry when you are experiencing an invasion of pests!

    Who can I trust to get this job done right?
    How much is this going to cost?
    What about my kids and pets?

    We offer an evaluation to determine your specific issue, what’s causing it, and find the best path to being pest free. 

    Provide Timely Services

    Pests don’t clock in at the beginning of the business day!

    Oregon Insect and Rodent Control is here for your East Portland pest control needs and understands they can happen at any time. 

    Give us a call when you realize you’ve got an issue, and we’ll be out in a jiffy to provide you with a solution!

    Have Fantastic Reviews!

    We work hard to create and maintain relationships with our clients in East Multnomah County and Clackamas County, and we really appreciate all the 5-star reviews!

    Check us out on Google if you’re interested in reading more!

    What Our Gresham Area Pest Control Customers Are Saying

    • Glenn responded promptly to my call and was at my house the next day. Prompt, professional, knowledgable, and a good value. I’d call him again with no hesitation.

      – Peter Hegland

    • Glenn is such a find! He determined a skillful, humane solution to eliminate the rats in my crawl space. He was able to respond to my situation quickly, was incredibly responsive to my phone calls, and offered great advice to discourage future rat visitors. I highly recommend Glenn!

      – Elizabeth Braithwaite

    • Glen is amazing! Timely service. No upsells for unneeded services. Good service at a reasonable price. He Helped me figure out how mice are entering our crawl space and how to seal it up.

      – Ruben Alvarado

    • Glenn is a blessing. He charges significantly less than the quotes I received from the large national brands. He was prompt, very nice, and is very detail oriented. He used environmentally safe strategies that I didn’t have to worry about our son or our dog.

      Very impressed and recommend Oregon Insect and Rodent Control to my family and friends. Thank you!!!

      – Annette Freetage

      Gresham Area Pest Control FAQs

      What are some ways to reduce the risk of developing an Oregon pest control problem?
      1. Keep them homeless
        Reduce the available habitat within your home or place of business where a pest might want to set up a home of their own. This means keeping things clean and free, especially of food particles.

      2. Seal cracks and crevices
        Pests come in from the outside environment, meaning you can reduce the chances of their taking up residence in your home by sealing up cracks and crevices, particularly around your foundation, eaves, doors, and windows.

      3. Clean up
        Get rid of stacks of newspaper, miscellaneous papers, bags, cardboard boxes, and other materials which a pest might use to make a good home or nest. Wipe up spills and crumbs immediately, and don’t leave dirty dishes around.

      4. Keep a lid on it
        Keep a tight lid on trashcans and empty them often, especially if you are throwing away fragrant or sweet things. When storing food in your pantry and cabinets, store it in tightly sealed containers.

      5. Keep the space dry
        Indoor pests often thrive on moisture. Keep them from getting the water they’re looking for by fixing leaks and not leaving dishwater in the sink overnight.
        Can you help if I have a pest problem in my crawlspace?

        We are able to perform crawlspace restoration at a reasonable price. If you’ve been quoted a price by one of the big pest control companies, make sure you talk to us before you sign anything, as they tend to charge quite a bit to get into those hard-to-reach places.

        What products do you use?

        We use a variety of excellent brand-name products which we have tested over the course of our 18 years in business, and we use them at label strength. We never use generic products that produce uncertain results.

        Do you perform emergency services?

        We can give you emergency advice and often get out to help you with your pest control problem within a day or two. Give us a call to set something up as soon as possible.

        Do you have monthly service plans?

        There are two reasons some pest control companies have monthly service plans: a desire for a larger stream of income and the use of diluted or insufficient products. We find that when we do our job right, the most we need to visit one of our clients is once a quarter or bi-annually in the spring and fall.

        Are your traps humane?

        We do what it takes to remove pest control problems, and often that means killing them. Our traps do seek to cause minimal pain to pests as they dispatch them.

        What are some things I can do to prevent pests inside and outside the home?
        1. Getting rid of rotting wood, will help to prevent roaches on your property, and out of your home.
        2. Mowing more often will stop weeds from creating new weeds, and lower the bug population.
        3. Keeping trees trimmed away from your roof will prevent insects that might use the roof to gain access to your vents, and inside your home.
        4. Fix leaky gutters, water attracts insects seeking water leaving them to live under your eaves.
        5. Sealing all outside cracks and holes including those for electrical cables, communication cables, plumbing, and around doors and windows, will help to keep outdoor pests outdoors.
        6. Replacing worn weather stripping and door sweeps will help to keep insects and rodents out of your home.
        7. Filling low spots in your property will help to keep the mosquito population low.
        8. Keeping vines and shrubs a foot or more from the home will improve your chances of keeping pests away.
        9. Checking your indoor pets after outdoor excursions can keep hitchhiking bugs out.
        10. Removing debris, and piles of wood, brush, or other materials from your property can cut down on the number of spiders you have to deal with.
        11. Maintaining cleanliness in the home always and making the home crumb free. An untidy and dirty home draws all kinds of insects inside the house. Many pests and insects survive on dirt and garbage and nothing is more pleasant to them than crumbs scattered on the floor or the table and unkempt garbage.
        12. Make sure to seal all probable entries in the house. Ensure to check not just the front door but the back door as well. Do not neglect your windows. Seal windows using wire nets, screens, or meshes.
        13. Manage your garbage properly. Dispose of empty cans and food packages immediately. Make it a point to take out the trash every day and keep it sealed tightly when storing it in the garage.
        14. Keep ripe fruits inside the fridge.
        15. Sweep the floors and vacuum them regularly.
        16. Make sure to comb your pet with a flea comb at regular times and wash the bedding frequently. Vacuum floors, rugs, and upholstery that are in constant contact with your pet.

        Pest Control Service Testimonials

        See what our customers have to say about our residential and commercial Oregon pest control services!

        Protect your FAMILY and your INVESTMENT.

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